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Almost There

So I can tell that I’m way too excited to go home (not that one can be too excited to go home).  But I’m not watching how I talk and I’ve been mixing up sentences left right and centre.  I’ve also NOT been paying as astute attention as one should to facebook and totally replied to a message as if i was the only one that got it.  Yeah I felt lame haha.

It’s really weird these last few days at work.  I’m still giving it my best, but my managers don’t seem to care if I do manage to hear codes and other such items that previously were blocked from my hearing.  And i really don’t feel like getting close to people who are new now.  I’m leaving in a couple days and will never see most of them again so I’m not going to invest time into friendships.  Rather selfish, I know, however is rather logical from the point of usefulness.  I’m seriously gonna miss my work though.  It’s been rather fun this summer and I learned a lot both of myself and about customer service and officey things that are HOPEFULLLY going to prove useful ONE day.  I’m still holding my fingers crossed on that point ;).

But i’m almost ready to go home.  All my books and left over cans of food and electronics are nicely packed away in boxes waiting for the day that my dad will bring them home to me.  I can only bring two suitcases so my xbox and monitor and other such things will have to wait.  Twill prolly be a good thing what with school starting and all XD.  It’s not like I need MORE distraction than I already possess.

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So.  Ft.  McMurray.  I’m here now, and sadly already miss home and everything there.  Mostly my bed and a certain boy.  Alas I need to make money though.

Anyway, I’ve been here for two days though it feels like 8.  I started work right away, which was good in the sense that I wasn’t given a lot of time to brood over being away from home and that I was away from Brandon.  It also helped me stay away from thinking about how horrible I was going to be at my job.  Haha.  I always seem to do that for some reason.

My to do list is still a mile long.  I have to edit my website some more add paypal buttons and fix spelling errors.  I’ve just been exhausted from traveling etc.  And honestly, I just want to chill when I get home.  Today I played on the Wii and sat on an internet board all evening.  I did catch up on my google reader though.  I think I had something like 198 blog posts unread.  People need to stop writing interesting things (so as to quote the esteemable Dr. Dickson).  Little by little I’m killing my eyes.  Seriously, I think my optometrist must hate hearing of such things. Heh.

This post is rather all over the place and a means of letting you know (if you’re one of the few who reads this and doesn’t know me in real life.  If so, congratulations and thankyou for sticking it out with me :)) that I’m NOT dead.  I made it to Alberta after a frakking long travelling experience.  10 hours on the bus, then a day spent in Edmonton.  We didn’t get in till 730.  Marina was one sad panda.

I’m going to go crash though.  Have a wonderful night ladies and gents.  If you have any plans for the weekend, let me know in the comments 🙂


(PS.  What reference (book movie song what have you) is the title?)

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One thought for today. I wish we’d stuck to keeping businesses closed on Sunday. That way I’d still be asleep and in my nice and wonderfully warm bed right now 🙂

Have a wonderful day my people, enjoy the day whatever it may bring, go out and do something with a friend or just chill 🙂

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I work at a fast-food restaurant: Tim Hortons (it’s made its way into the states, however, it’s predominantly Canadian). And I swear all douchebags and the like make their way to me. I guess it’s hard to find normal people there? Anyway some of the things that people will say to you, or how they order, it entertaining or at the very least frustrating. We had a chinook wind blow in today, so my boss took advantage of it and sent me outside to wash windows. So I was happily working by myself washing away etc. And every single person that walked by made some inane comment on how they’d wish I was washing their windows, or how I got stuck with the shitty job.  I even had two people wipe their dirty paws on my newly cleaned windows on purpose.  Of course I can’t say anything rude to them as they’re the customer and it’s their money that ultimately gives me a job.  However, it’s just common courtesy.  One doesn’t need to talk to a female working only because you think her cute all in the winter cold washing windows (it does seem pointless after all).  Or because you’re lazy and don’t want to wash your own windows.

The moral of the story?  Other than causing me to want to wring a few necks, I came up with a few pointers for the next time you see someone  working in the fast-food joint you normally go to

1. Say hello

2. Ask “How are you?”  Seriously, this makes my day.  SOOOOOO much better than being snapped at because you didn’t get their sandwich 100% correct

3. Use please and thank-you.  You may even get  a free donut out of the deal if we forgot to include it.

4. If we did forget to include or do something to you order, don’t freak out.  It only puts the both of it in a foul mood and we don’t want that.

5. Don’t spend forever looking at the menu when you finally get to the till.  You had 10 minutes to do that while waiting in line.  It only annoys the customers behind you, and stresses out the person taking your order because their manager wants the line to go down and it’s up to the cashier to speed things up.  That and you get out of there faster.  It’s a win-win situation, yes?

6. Don’t rest your children on the counter.  It’s unsanitary, and it just annoys the cashier because they have to wash the counter after you and your tot are done messing it up.

7. Don’t be afraid to make conversation!  Who knows what you could learn from your cashier, you may even get a future baby-sitter out of it.  Honestly, it’s one of the things that makes my day go by that little bit faster.  I have so many regulars that I honestly couldn’t tell you their name, but I could tell you where they work, what they order, and what their favourite colour is.

8. Changing your mind of what you want in your coffee five minutes after you order it generally means that the first order will get thrown out.  We try to stay on top of things so that as soon as you’re done ordering and paying, you can get your coffee and leave.  If you change the first one you ordered after ordering everything else, chances are that you’ll just annoy the person taking your order.

9. Using the bathroom like it’s your playroom only makes that much more work for those of us unfortunate souls stuck in that store.  Yeah, you could say that we need work or we’d be bored, however, most of the time we’re understaffed because someone called in sick, or because their is a line all the way out the store and down the sidewalk.  We honestly don’t look forward to cleaning up one of your “amazing” creations.

10. Lastly, please smile 🙂

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