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I really should be studying.  I am doing a good job thus far.  But all that enlightenment and Hegellian Dialectics just bore me (well that’s a lie, I do love me some Hegel).  However, I’m just not in the mood to study.  I know I know, how horrible.  But I’m enjoying the time alone this afternoon.  I’ve got some wonderful music on in the background and it’s snowing outside.  I’ll have some tea on soon and enjoy its warmth when I return to my textbooks and the history of Expansionist Europe.

Time has been going by so fast lately.  It’s actually kind of scary because I increasingly feel like I can’t catch up to it.  Yet, at the same time, it’s not so bad, because I’m done with my essays already and soon I’ll be done with exams, hence the title of this blog.  Christmas is slowly creeping up and with that lovely turkey dinners and christmas smells.  I almost want to get a candle just to make my apartment smell like christmas when i’m not cooking christmas related goodies.  Mmmm.

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Good morning.  Another week, and another month.  I’m glad it’s February.  January seemed to drag and drag and drag.  I’m really hoping that this month is better, that there are more possibilities and so on for Brandon and I.  One thing though about February, is that March is just that much closer, and that spring is only a couple months away.  Oh the excitement and dreams of green grass!

I should really be reading one of my textbooks for the classes I have today.  But I just don’t quite feel like it yet.  It’s drab and boring as it is a 100 level course.  I’ve already learnt pretty much everything in other classes that we cover in this.  However, the paper is only three-four pages.  I don’t know if that will be a blessing or a curse.  I’m used to eight pages, wherein I can properly formulate a real paper with an intro, middle and conclusion.  I just don’t see how possible that is with three pages.  I’ll have to suck it up though.  At least it means less writing.  It’s funny though hearing all the first years complain about the course.  It’s probably the easiest course they’ll have ALL semester long or even during all four of their years of University.  But the little chillins will learn eventually.  All in good time.

Anyway, I need to start my day.  I’ve already had breakfast (toast and a carnation mix drink).  But school calls my name sadly.  My second class is my Anthropology of Egyptian History course for which I love.  So all in all, not a bad day.

Have a great monday 🙂

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