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Are You Ready?

Summer.  I am so ready for you

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So today I decided that for every month I’m going to upload a new header in favour of that month.

I know that in the Southern States many people have been getting snow upon snow upon more snow.  Ironically up here in Northern Canada, it’s been in above freezing for the past few weeks and most of the snow has disappeared.  Students are wearing capris and flipflops again as they anticipate the summer temperatures.  Though it’s still wet and there are no leaves or green lawns yet, I chose this photo that I took last spring.  It’s of my cat, Chester (obviously) as he stretches out in the sun and relaxes all the while dirtying himself.  Here’s to wishing for a sunny and warm March!  Welcome Spring.

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Sorry for the length between updates! Uni has pretty much taken over my life. I’ve just finished my midterms and paper proposals (pesky as they are). February has worn me down and I’m looking forward to March beginning. The saying goes that it comes in like a lamb and out like a lion. Some years it’s sunny and warm for the first two weeks and then sadly the snow and ice returns for another month before spring returns in full. I’m ready for green and colour. Though yesterday as I was walking from the bus into my Uni I saw all the frost on the blades of dead grass and tree branches and it looked like needles were clinging to it. They were all pointing in the same direction. I wished that I had had my camera on me, it was a beautiful sight. We need to stop more often and look down at the world we live in. Slow down a bit.

One of my favourite parts of summer is to walk down my parents street to the river and see what’s available. One can be surprised by the wonders hidden for you alone. As a child my favourite activity was to walk around and imagine myself into different environments. Sometimes that meant rescuing someone, or being the princess of an imaginary country or going back in time to live the life in one of my favourite time periods. Most prominent were Tudor England and Ancient Egypt. Sometimes I was the daughter of Aslan and lived in Narnia. I would play with the naiads and dryads and have some jolly fun. Sometimes I had to fight the white witch and save Narnia alongside that of Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter. I loved to read but I didn’t need books to escape. My mind ran around in twirls and spirals as I entertained myself. I can’t wait for summer again so I can resume my walks. Sometimes I still have my little imagination games. Though they’re slightly “grown up” and I imagine myself as the Empress of a far away country or I discover Atlantis.

What is your favourite part of spring/summer?

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Painting Daisies

Sometimes I ignore passions of mine because I’m embarrassed.  Not embarrassed about them per se, I just like to keep them to myself.  I don’t like people watching me as I paint.  So tonight Brandon is at Luc’s and I finally get to paint on the canvas that’s been sitting on the easel..  for 7 months now?  We don’t have a spare room so I just can’t disappear into it and paint.  And I hate painting in front of people.  But I’m so excited.  There was a photo that I had taken last summer of a yellow daisy and I’m going to paint something like it onto the canvas.  I need something bright and cheerful to remind me of summer.

What are you passionate about?  Something that you like to do alone or with people or in front of people?

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