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Canada embarrasses me. More specifically our politicians who desire to protect their previous Olympics from slander. An openly anti-Olympic journalist was turned away at the Canadian border as he attempted to cross the border to cover the Olympics. Is Canada so afraid of other people’s viewpoints that they need to censor the media? Will they censor Canadian journalists? It’s not like they can conveniently turn them away at the border so as to avoid any slander of the Olympics. I find it rather ironic considering the amount of people whom I personally know will boycott the Olympics because of what it has caused our province and our government’s finances and how it has affected funding across the province. They cannot ban an entire province of people. I would love to see them try though. I think would laugh my ass off so hard. It’s the bullshit and the media and our government.

Here is the link though:
Anti-Olympics Journalist Turned Back At the Border

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