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I wish one could answer with more than a page for “discussion” questions. I think I hit a great one for Measure for Measure, and once I get into it I know that I could go on for a few pages.  I’m kinda excited about the question I came up with:

In Measure for Measure, gender identities and sexual relationships are explored within the context of morality and society in the Renaissance period.  The play’s central point is the idea of marriage contracts and sexual intercourse within the confines of an engagement and marriage.  Within the play, Claudio is sentenced to execution for impregnating his fiance, Julietta, and Angelo, is set up with Mariana, whom he had broken off the engagement with because of her lack of dowry.  How does Isabella define the role of women as wives and as antonymous individuals?

I still have to refine it so as to connect Isabella to Claudio, Julietta and Angelo.  But I really like it.  I think that one could go in so many different directions with it.  However, time for me to actually go and answer it now 🙂  Have a great night all!

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