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Karen G!  I’ll be emailing you for your mailing address tonight/tomorrow (it’s 11 now sadly and i have an exam tomorrow).

Anyway, thanks to all who entered ^_^  It was so encouraging seeing such traffic and response.  I’ll be holding more contests in the future so  be sure to keep an eye out for them 🙂

The site is ALMOST fully functional.  I didn’t realize that paypal needs to verify your bankaccount, so I have to wait a couple more days.  If you want to order anything email me at novabeadery@gmail.com and I’ll hold it for you.

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Nova Beadery will be having it’s grand opening on April 15th 2010 (a week from today)!  As a little celebration, I’ll be holding a contest.  Post here (with your email) and what your favourite type of jewelry is.  And on the 15th by 12pm Pacific (that’s -8 GMT).  I’ll choose a winner.  Pass this on to your friends, family, coworkers etc.

The Prize:


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Jewelry Update

So I made some earrings and a bracelet last night.  My plan is to make a bunch of items and then make a website showcasing them and the prices that I’ll research and thus charge for them.

So I’ll be making updates every so often to show what I’ve made etc.  I’m really enjoying this experience and having tons of fun shopping for beads etc ^_^

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So I’m almost there concerning getting myself setup for making/selling jewelry.  Just a few other things to pick up and thanks to the most lovely Rian I have a special giftcard for Michaels to pick up the last few things ^_^  I already have some ideas swirling as for what to make and put up.  So for a teaser like sample I’m going to upload a picture of a pair of earrings I made for meself 🙂  As soon as I get the last few items we should be in business.  So excited 😀

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So I’ve been thinking about this for a while. And I’ve been pricing it out in my head (overhead & time), and i’m really thinking of selling homemade jewelry. I’ve discovered that I love love love making them. And it gives me an excuse to buy more beads because they’re just so gosh darn adorable like this pewter charm:


Found here: Beadgiant

I dunno if I’ll open an Etsy shop as I want to make my own profit, but I’m going to be doing a lot more research into this endevour ^_^

PS.  50th post 😀

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