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Tis rainy and gloomy outside at the moment, with it only being a couple degrees above freezing.  I think our snap of warmth is coming to an end and winter will soon ensnare us.  The streets are ugly again, as if they’re protesting the return of winter.  Mittens and scarves and toques have returned and are here to stay till April.  However, beyond that, there is still some grass showing, even green shoots eagerly looking for sunlight.  Nature is so resilient, it comes back year after year.  After hurricanes, and floods and earthquakes.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Haiti recently had an earthquake that registered 7.0 on the Richter Scale.  Thousands of people are homeless, injured, and so many who are missing, or presumed to be dead.  It’s hard to imagine a catastrophe of that magnitude.  I find it doubly harder to respond beyond the curiosity of the average Westerner who on average doesn’t experience the hardship of those in third world countries.  This isn’t to say that I have no heart of that I’m callous.  I’ve honestly NEVER felt the hardship of a difficult life.  I was born to a middle class family, grew up in a nice house amongst siblings and loving parents.  I’ve never had to worry where my food would come from the next day, or if I’ll be able to survive.  Those who live in countries such as that as Haiti, are to be commended and respected.  I wish that there was something I could do beyond donating, or praying, or spreading the word about.  I want to be able to go amongst the muck and mire and help them rebuild their houses and homes.  To help them rebuild their lives.

These people are like the grass and the flowers.  Even after the most heartbreaking of catastrophes, they are still able to stand up and go on.  They are able to rebuild their lives.  I know that if something like this were to happen to my town, that many would simply give up.  People here don’t know what it’s like to HAVE to do something like that on a regular basis.  We’re spoiled.  I’m spoiled.

I wish that there was more equality amongst the world financially.  However, within the system we have, that won’t happen.  But at least there are organizations such as World Vision and Operation Christmas Child who work on a daily basis to improve people’s lives.  To improve the world.  And I think we as westerners are called, nay, should be expected to give to these organizations.  I’m not saying that we should impoverish ourselves.  But that if we have the means, to give.  $30 a month isn’t much, but it can immensely improve someone’s life.

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