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Mini mandarins oranges


Lovely music


Freshly fallen snow



It’s such a wonderful day.  I just had my third exam which means I’m over half way there to the holidays.  Brandon is in the spare room wrapping my presents (came home a wee bit early hehe), and he’s going on about how lovely they and how excited he is for me to open them.  I almost cried at this thoughtfulness especially when he brought me mandarin oranges as an “early” present.  It’s been a wonderful day and I don’t think I could ask for a better one.  I’m immensely blessed with a wonderful boyfriend who loves me as much as he does.  Parents who have provided for me and love me, a cheeky brother who is adorable and fun.  I’m also blessed to be able to get an education that very few in the world are able to.  I complain about it, but I love every moment of it (well minus writing essays XD).  I have a roof over my head and I have lovely things around me.  I think that this year has been lovely and just full to the brim of blessings.

What are you thankful for this year?

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“Your love can make these things better.”

I think life is starting to even out. I was just listening to a Jars of Clay song and I’m encouraged to just keep swimming. I may have a billion things to do for school, financial problems, etc. But the love of family, friends, God can help encourage us and give us the oomph we need.

I made tortillas again last night and I added a little bit more of water to it and mixed the oil in with the water and they turned out so much better than the last ones. They tasted the same, but they were softer and easier to handle. I also cooked them for a little less time and I think that that had a lot to do with it. And it only took an hour to make them instead of three like the first time I made them ^_^

I think this month will be better than January was. I am excited for the possibilities and new experiences that wait as of yet. The days just slide together and everything has remained in a positive type of stasis 🙂

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My host father from when I lived in Italy added me on facebook today.  I really miss him and my host sister and my host mum.  Italy opened so much up to me.  About myself and the world that I lived in.  Being so completely out of my comfort zone in a place where I knew neither customs nor language taught me how to adapt.  How to take charge of myself and challenge myself.  Being away from friends and family forced me to go beyond what I was used to and say hello to people.  To try and meet them on their level.  Sometimes I failed to meet half way, or I felt that I was expected to go all the way.  Culture is a funny thing, it’s full of so many twists and it surprises you when you least expect it.

All in all, it’s an experience I recommend to anyone!  It teaches you to think beyond yourself and your world.

I made this video last year of my experiences:

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

EDIT: Apparently it won’t allow me to embed a facebook video. I’ll upload it to youtube tonight and try again.

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