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“Your love can make these things better.”

I think life is starting to even out. I was just listening to a Jars of Clay song and I’m encouraged to just keep swimming. I may have a billion things to do for school, financial problems, etc. But the love of family, friends, God can help encourage us and give us the oomph we need.

I made tortillas again last night and I added a little bit more of water to it and mixed the oil in with the water and they turned out so much better than the last ones. They tasted the same, but they were softer and easier to handle. I also cooked them for a little less time and I think that that had a lot to do with it. And it only took an hour to make them instead of three like the first time I made them ^_^

I think this month will be better than January was. I am excited for the possibilities and new experiences that wait as of yet. The days just slide together and everything has remained in a positive type of stasis 🙂

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