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Oh yes!  My kitchen floor is conquered.  Thanks to the most welcome help from the boy they’re sparkly clean again and I shall have a much easier time of keeping them clean in the future 🙂

I made french fries again today.  I’ve been using a skillet as I don’t have a deep fryer (one day).  I store the leftover oil in an icecream bucket for repeat use.  The fries are far from uniform (I cut them myself), but they taste much better than McCains or whathaveyou.

This is my process:

1. Peel, cut potatoes, dig out black spots etc.  Cut them into whatever shape you so desire.  However, thinner is better they cook faster and if you want the crispy feel.

2. Pour enough oil into the skillet that it just covers a layer of fries.  This way you don’t use a ton of oil ($) and they don’t stick because of multiple layers.

5. I cook them on medium heat one has much more control over them this way.  The only downside is that you have to wait a bit longer than if you cooked them on a higher heat.

6. Enjoy.


1. Store leftover potatoes in water.  They just retain it and will burn once cooked in the oil.  And the splatter hurts 😦

2. Drop the fries in, slide them into the oil to avoid splatter

3. Leave the skinned taters out in the open too long they’ll go brown

If you want to have a little variety, I shred some cheese overtop and melt it for 20 seconds in the microwave.  So good 🙂

I have to go and finish my kitchen though.  Almost where I want it to be at.

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