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Girls with Slingshots.  I found this webcomic today and I’ve already read over half of the strips from the archive.  It’s entertaining and has a look at relationships and love from a different perspective.  The characters are your average, nerdy, normal women who experience pain and happiness and heartache.  And there’s a talking cactus with a Scottish accent!

Girls with Slingshots is a lot more innovative than the average junk you read like Cathy or whathaveyou that always always always seems to be posted in the papers.  I don’t understand what shit editors have been doing, but the stuff they’ve printed in newspapers is garbage.  I miss me my Calvin and Hobbes.  Anyway, in a lot of ways, I like it because the webcomic reminds me of myself and alllllllllll my weirdness spread out between the different characters.

Just one example:

Ghost Busters Remake

I highly recommend investing an afternoon into reading this comic, honestly, it’s worth the time and the laughs. And besides with such a dismal month ahead (who even likes January? Honestly, I’d LOVE to skip over it), it will bring some cheer 🙂

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