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Dragon Age.  I’ve been waiting for more than a few months to get my grimy little paws on this game.  First for it to come out, then for it to come down in price/get it for free for Christmas.  I refused to pay $70 for a game, even if it happens to be as phenomenal as it has turned out to be.  Anyway after a very nice brother bought it for me on Boxing Day, I’ve since started it, and do not regret the hours I’ve already poured into it.

The graphics aren’t the greatest to look at, but the voice actors chosen are wonderful.  Claudia Black (Valla from Stargate SG-1),  and Tim Curry (Scar from the Lion King) are just two examples.  The game works out like a movie, but it played like KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic).  If you’re bored of the turn based games such as Lost Odyssey, Dragon Age offers a different variant of the Fantasy RPG genre.  Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from the 90s?  Dragon Age is exactly like that.  Every choice, side quest, change in character affects the outcome of the game.  The gameplay and story is what you make it out to be.  Thus there is endless replay value, on top of the hundreds of hours needed to complete the game.

If it weren’t for classes starting up again at the University, I’d spend most of my days playing it.  It’s rather addictive, and very entertaining.  I’d recommend it for anyone, whether you are new to gaming, or a veteran of the older console games.

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