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Sunday.  Probably my most favourite day of the week.  I don’t do work on this day.  Baking was on Fri/Sat, and cleaning on those days too.  And I refuse to do homework on Sunday.  I get to play on my beloved Xbox (oh yes, still very much a child in that respect), and hang out with my boyfriend and his friends since they come over every week. And the best part.  I don’t work on Sundays.  I know that I should because money is nice.  But I hate working the day before I go back to classes every week.  I feel like my weekends get inverted and really didn’t have one.  Twisted logic, yes.

Last night I went to see my friend’s band Jeremy and the Rest play in a local pub.  I don’t know if I could even classify their genre.  They’re kind of all over the place, but really good.  Rian (my friend) plays the keyboard and she got to rock out.  I wish I could upload a picture but I can’t find my USB cord for some reason <_<  I’ve been looking for it for almost a week now.   But I’ll post one as soon as I find it :D.  But anyway, other than a few misheard cords, the show was pretty rockin.  All of their songs were creative, I especially liked the last one “Into the Light.”  Throughout the show I got to hold one of Rian’s sons, Brendan who fell asleep in my arms.  He was so adorable.  Definitely makes me look forward to being able to have kids of my own 🙂

This is one of their band pictures though:

Anyway, I’m going to go enjoy my free day!  I hope you all enjoy yours

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So Brandon is going to quit his job and look for a new one.  I’m hoping and praying that he finds one suitable for his talents and for our accounts.  It’s so stressful knowing that you do DO a good job, that you get told so by customers and your managers and coworkers, but get no hours.  One thing I hate about managers is that they’re two faced and it seems that a lot of them are.  They’ll say one thing, but do another and you never know where you stand, if you’re as good as they say you are, or if they really just want you to quit.  I’m hoping that this year is better than this January.  I’m going to have to seriously look at our expenses and decide where I can save money food wise etc.

But let’s not dwell on that.  I’m starting The Revenger’s Tragedy by Tourner today for my Renaissance Literature class.  I’ll be honest and admit that the only plays I’ve read from this period are Dr. Faustus and The Alchemist and a myriad of Shakespeare’s plays.  So it will be interesting trying to interpret this play without the foundation I’ve been given through work in High School and whathaveyou.  And weirdly, I’m a little excited for it.  I’m glad that I get to expand my knowledge of Renaissance period literature and I’m excited to see how other authors other than Shakespeare dealt with issues such as class struggle, the rise of the middling classes, gender roles etc.  Tourner will have a completely different point of view.

Oh and can I just say that I LOVE Bob Schneider’s song “Flowerparts” off his album The Californian.  I suggest that if you haven’t heard it, look it up on Youtube or something similar.  I think we could all learn something from it.

But don’t forget the flowerparts…
A soft touch and an open heart.
A rainbow and some empathy.
Compassion and sympathy.

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My music library varies from Queen to Disturbed to Death Cab For Cutie to Lady Gaga.  Even my boyfriend has commented on how diverse/strange my tastes are.

However, I cannot pass up posting this.  Someone linked it on one of the boards I frequent, and this version of Toxicity by System is rather amazing.  Violins should be included in so many more songs in my personal opinion -_-.  As I sat listening to it again today (I’m one of those people who will reread books, and rewatch movies over and over.  The same goes for Youtube), I figured I should share it.


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