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My boyfriend is a pro gamer for Halo 3.  If you know know what that necessarily means, there’s a sports league called MLG (Major League Gaming) that’s broadcasted by ESPN.  It’s actually rather interesting watching it be played because of all the different strategies that are employed.  There are both objective and slayer games, so it’s not just having sweet reflexes with the hands.  Even with slayer, you have to have control of the map you’re playing on, so a great degree of strategy is still required so as to play.  Even more important is having good team work and communication.  If you’re constantly not telling your teammates where an enemy is or if someone is weak, you can cost your team the game.  Everything comes down to communication and skills and being willing to learn new strategies and tips on how to improve gameplay.

My boyfriend (the infamous Brandon you hear about from time to time in my posts) is part of a team.  They only have three members at the moment because one wasn’t committed to the team.  However, though they can’t play RIGHT this moment, they practice every night.  Sometimes I get woken up by the unfairness of “Bungie Physics” or by lag cheats in other continents (Australia is currently the most famous for that problem from what I’ve been hearing over the past six months).  Anyway, they’re sponsored and Brandon updates their part of the site everyday giving tips and strategies for both long time gamers and new gamers.

Basically I made this post to spread the word a bit more and get more readers.  His site is here.  He posts pictures and once he has Bungie Pro he’ll post videos that outline how he plays in an online environment.

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I love it when I can improve something in a game so you can be epically AWESOME.  Yar I was able to improve one my cards into an epic card ^_^  Woooooo.

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For the past few months I’ve been playing various online games on Kongregate and ArmorGames.  There I found a Magic knockoff called Elements the Game.  It’s pretty enjoyable and there are upwards to 15 different elements each with their own complete decks.  Tis rather customizable once you start out with your starter deck.  And if you happen to dislike the deck you chose, you later have the option of changing it for something else, for the cost of 100 or 200 coins (i’m not sure, I haven’t looked at it lately).  Beyond that, once you have enough coins (1500) you can upgrade cards to epic awesomeness.  There are different levels of elemental decks to challenge, of which levels 2 and higher have a cost where upon losing you lose the amount challenged.  Level Two is fairly easy to beat.  Sometimes there are bugs where it will give you the same card 7 times even if you only have 5 copies of that card.  However the developers welcome feedback and do try to update the system so as to improve it.  Anyway, give it a try, it’s a nice respite from life even if for only a couple matches before you go on with what you actually need to do.

Elements The Game

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